Music Theory: Other Chord Forms

Other Chord Forms: A "sus4" Chord (suspended 4th) is basically a Triad with an altered 3rd raised to the next scale degree. Example: "C" Triad consists of C-E-G, but when altered to a [Csus4] the "E" is augmented up to the next scale degree (F) and is written as C-F-G. Another type of Chord used a lot in Rock music is the "Power Chord" (also known by other names) which basically uses only the root and 5th of the triad. It can be notated as [C5] or [C no3]. Other variations on Chords can be written with an "add" notice. For example, [CMaj(add9)] would be a "C" Major Triad with the 9th (D) added on top. Different that the Maj9 Chord as the Major 7th is deliberately left out.