Music Theory: I Major Chords

I Major Chords: Starting from the basic Triad, we can add extensions to the Chord. For I Major Chords, we use the #11 for the upper extension as the regular 11th in the major scale would create the ugly sound of a minor 9th between F and E.

major chords

I Major Chords (Altered): A Chord can be altered by lowering or raising the 5th of the Chord (5th scale degree up from the root) by one Half Step, a Flat 5 (b5) or a Sharp 5 (#5 or +5). While we always want to "spell" our Chords correctly (a b5 should use a flat, a #5 should use a sharp), some Chords like the CMaj7(#5,b5) have to use a flat for the sharp as the "G" would be too confusing with both a flat and a sharp "G".

altered major chords